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Install/Verify Java

The Minecraft Launcher has a bundled Java runtime, but you will need to have a Java runtime installed if you use MultiMC or if you want to use an specific Java Runtime other than the bundled one in a Minecraft Launcher “Installation”

You will also need to have a Java runtime installed if you use the jar version of the Fabric Installer.

STEP 1: Verify if Java is already installed

Open the Run dialog by using the Windows+R hotkey. Enter cmd in the textbox and click OK This will open a command window.

In the command window type java -version and press Enter

If a Java version number is already installed you will see something like this:

STEP 2 Uninstall previous Java versions

If you already have Java installed and you want to update/replace it, first uninstall any Java version installed in your system using the Operating System normal procedure for uninstalling programs.

STEP 3 Install Java

To download the Java installer, go here

Pick Version 8 of the JRE, and the HotSpot JVM, download the installer for your operating system and install JAVA.

Go to STEP 1 to verify that Java was installed correctly and it's working as intended.

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