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Fabric Tutorials



These pages are essential must-reads when modding with Fabric, and modding Minecraft in general, if you are new to modding, it is recommended you read the following.


Blocks and Block Entities

Data Generation

World Generation


These pages will guide you through Mojang's Brigadier library which allows you to create commands with complex arguments and actions.


These pages will guide you through using the many events included in Fabric API, and how to create your own events for you or other mods to use.



Mixins & ASM

These pages will guide you through the usage of SpongePowered's Mixin library, which is a highly complex topic. We recommend you read these pages thoroughly.



Contribute to Fabric


Archived Pages

These pages have been replaced by better ones, or simply do not work on modern versions of Minecraft, they are simply for archival purposes - or if you need to do some backporting ect.


Dynamic Data Generation

These pages have been replaced by the Fabric Data Generation API tutorials, which you can find here.

World Generation

These pages are obsolete 1.16+ due to the new JSON world generation API provided via datapacks. These pages are guaranteed not to work beyond 1.18 due to the new world generation changes.

Tutorials for Minecraft 1.15

Tutorials for Minecraft 1.14

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