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Install/Verify Java (Windows)

You will need Java installed if you want to:

  • run the current version of the Fabric Installer
  • use MultiMC
  • change the default “JAVA EXECUTABLE” to other than the bundled Java runtime in a Minecraft Launcher “Installation”

Minecraft 1.17 and higher uses Java 16. If you want to run MC 1.17 download Java 16, not Java 8.

Video Tutorial

See the video tutorial by modmuss50 here or click the image below:


STEP 1: Verify if Java is already installed

Open the Run dialog by using the Windows+R hotkey. Enter cmd in the textbox and click OK This will open a command window.

In the command window type java -version and press Enter

If Java is already installed you will see something like this:

STEP 2: Uninstall previous Java versions

If you already have Java installed and you want to update/replace it, you may want to uninstall any Java version(s) installed in your system using the Operating System normal procedure for uninstalling programs.

STEP 3: Install Java

To download the Java installer, go here.

Choose the Java version according to the game version you want to run:

Choose the JRE .msi:

Open the JAVA installer you just downloaded:

When installing Java, change the way features will be installed:

Set the following features to “Entire feature will be installed on local hard drive”:

  • Set JAVA_HOME variable
  • JavaSoft (Oracle) registry keys

Finish the installation, then go back to STEP 1 to verify that Java was installed correctly.

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