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Matcher is a GUI tool to match classes, fields, methods and parameters between two JARs based on semantic similarity by performing static analysis on the two.


Matcher present's a split panel view, with the input A jar on the left and input B jar on the right. Input A's classes are always visible, where as input B's classes are visible when not matched to any from input A.

Class entries are color coded to represent the matched status, red denotes unmatched, amber for partially matched and green for 100% matched (including methods and fields).

Using Matcher

Creating a New Project

Clicking FileNew project, a dialog window will appear with the following fields:

  • Inputs A/B
    • Specify the two (maybe more) jars of the game, where
      • A is the already mapped version of the jar with an existing intermediary mapping
      • B is the new version with obfuscated class names that have changed.
  • Class path A/B
    • Specify all the libraries that are used by the game versions respectively.
  • Shared class path
    • Specifiy libraries used by both versions
  • Non-obfuscated class name pattern A/B (regex)
    • Supply a regular expression to fully match jar class entry names (using / instead of .)
      • Example: With StarMade (as of 0.201.364) obfuscated classes are inside the obfuscated package. (org\/|schine\/|PolygonStatsInterface\/).* would match any class under the org, schine and PolygonInterface packages as they are already public APIs that do not need to be matched.

Note: If any of the jars in the input/class path is invalid, clicking creating a new project button will have no response!

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