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3rd party library mods

This is a list of third party library mods that provide various utilities.

If you've created a library, add it to the list if you have edit permissions (try to keep it in alphabetical order), or drag and drop the information you need onto the wiki. channel Fabric Discord server otherwise.

Data Generation

Name and Link Description Maintainer Minecraft Versions
ARRP Creates resources and assets during runtime HalfOf2 1.14.2-1.20.1
Artifice Generated data/asset files and virtual resource pack API Fudge
BRRP Fork of ARRP, with more utilities based on ARRP 1.16.2-1.20.1
SpoornPacks Simple-to-use, single-line APIs for generating resource files, registration, and automatic injection spoorn 1.18.1-1.19.3


Name and Link Description Maintainer Minecraft Versions
Auto Config Annotation based configuration API sargunv 1.14
Auto Config Updated Fork of AutoConfig for updated MC versions sargunv, shedaniel 1.14-1.16, 1.18.1
Complete Config Flexible configuration API Lortseam 1.16+
Confabricate Fabric wrapper of Sponge's Configurate with new utilities zml2008 1.15-1.18
Fiber Configuration system zeroeightysix, Pyrofab Any
Fzzy Config Powerful config library with GUIs, validation, auto-syncing, and more fzzyhmstrs 1.20.1, 1.20.5+
Midnightlib General purpose lightweight config TeamMidnightDust 1.18+
Omega Config Easy-to-use Config with robust features and GUI support Draylar, Frqnny 1.16-1.18
Oro Config Light-weight JSON config with command and Cloth Config support OroArmor 1.16
oωo-config Annotation-driven, flexible configuration library with automatic, yet customizable screen generation and built-in ModMenu integration glisco 1.17+
Paradox Config Kotlin based configuration API RedstoneParadox 1.17
Simple Config Single-file simple to use config lib magistermaks
Tweed Configuration API allowing automation and synchronization Siphalor 1.14+


Name and Link Description Maintainer Minecraft Versions
BendyLibAPI to swap and bend cuboids in existing and in new entitiesKosmX
ColoredGlowLibAPI that renders glowing effect colors as RGB instead of fixed values based on teamsEmafire003
Custom Astral BodyAPI to control dimension sky, moon, and sun renderingVampire Studios
GeckoLibPowerful WYSIWYG animation library for use with animations made in blockbench.bernie-g
JMXAdds increased functionality to making more advanced JSON Models with extra customizabilitygrondag
JMXLSimple library bringing extensions to the Minecraft model format, similar to JMX but supports Sodium and friendsmagistermaks
MarionetteAnimation API for creating and animating entity modelsRedstoneParadox
MyronOBJ model loading libraryFrqnny
Player AnimatorPlayer Animation using keyframes or programmed animationsKosmX
RendererAn easy to use rendering library for modern Fabric0x150
SatinSimple wrapper for Post Process ShadersPyrofab
Special Model LoaderOBJ model loading library. morimori0317 1.19.3, 1.19.4
MoreCullingAPI to change how blocks are culled to improve performancefxmorin

Vanilla expansion

Name and Link Description Maintainer
Banner++Allows mods to add new banner patternskvverti
CaelusAPI to provide developers access to elytra flight mechanicsTheIllusiveC4
ExpandAbilityProvides increased control over vanilla effects and abilitiesFlorens
Fabric Shield LibLibrary to add new shields cleanly without mixinsCrimsonDawn45
GourmetAllows making items edibledeltanedas
StatementExtra configurability in manipulating blockstates of already existing blocksVirtuoel
Wandering TradesmenAllows you to make your own custom tradesman using LibCD scripts!Lingardium


Name and Link Description Maintainer
LibGuiGraphical User Interface (GUI) toolkitCotton
Oak TreeGraphical User Interface (GUI) toolkitRedstoneParadox
oωo-uiModern, high-performance dynamic GUI framework with many built-in components and a rich XML-based design and templating languageglisco
SGUIGraphical User Interface (GUI) toolkit for server-side modsPatbox
SpruceUIGraphical User Interface (GUI) toolkitLambdAurora


Name and Link Description Maintainer
ArctreeEases the awful process of creating trees in MinecraftRedGrapefruit09
BlabberData-driven RPG-like dialogues with fully customizable actionsPyrofab
Cardinal Components APIDynamic data attachments for various game objects (Blocks, Entities, Worlds…)Up, Pyrofab
CodextraMinecraft Codec extras and utilities, including Ops-AttachmentsKneelawk
CrowdinTranslate Pulls translated language files from Crowdin and renames them to MC conventions. Can work at compile time or runtime. Giselbaer
CustomBrewRecipesAn API useful for making non-potion brewing recipes with NBT supportEmafire003
CuriosA flexible and expandable accessory/equipment APITheIllusiveC4
FreshCoffeeA library mod that ensures you are running a supported version of Java and can install a supported one if you are not.TheBrokenRail
ItemNBTGreatly enhances the item NBT features in the game with the help of reflection and dark magicRedGrapefruit09
LibCBEAllows conditional creation of block entitiesBoogieMonster1O1
LibMultiPartAdding multiple parts to a single (custom) blockAlexIIL
LibSchemA schematic parser and placer that supports the sponge schematic v2 schemaBoogieMonster1O1
LockiAn API for locking slots in a player's inventoryPyrofab
MagnaEasily create tools that breaks more than 1 block at a timeDraylar
MatrixAnnotation based item/block registering libraryDimensional Development
Meal APIAdd foods that are more “filling”FoundationGames
MeshAll-round utility library, automatic registration, recipe generation, multiblocks (WIP) UpcraftLP
NBT CraftingExtends the JSON recipe system to work with NBT dataSiphalor
NebulaNebula is an Library for Mana and Spells. Louis
oωo-libFlexible automatic registration, side-agnostic particle systems, custom item groups,
intuitive networking stack with automatic serialization and other general utility functions aiming to reduce code verbosity
PehkuiManipulates the size of entitiesVirtuoel
PiglibAllows adding to the items Piglins will accept for bartering, as well as armor that will prevent them becoming aggressive, through tagsShnupbups
RayonRigid body simulation for MinecraftLazurite
Reach Entity AttributesEntity attributes to modify reach distance and attack rangeJamiesWhiteShirt
Size Entity Attribute AttributesEntity attributes to modify width and height dimensionsMoriyaShiine
StructurePlacerAPIAn API to spawn NBT structures without adding them to world gen Emafire003
TesseractWorld API with optimization and extra controlVatuu Komalia
ToweletteAPI to easily allow mods to make their blocks waterloggableVirtuoel
TrinketsData driven accessory apiEmi
Text Placeholder APIIt's a small, jij-able API that allows creation and parsing of placeholders Minecraft Text Components. It also includes simple, general usage text format indented for simplifying user input in configs/chats/etc.Patbox
Player Data APIMicro library for storing additional data for players, that isn't stored with main entity NBT.Patbox
Hologram APIIt's a small, jij-able library for creating server side holograms showing text, items or even entities. They can be fully interactive with different actions depending on where players click.Patbox
Map Canvas APISimple, server side api for drawing on maps with runtime only state and no id collisions! It can be used from own thread for better effects/more fps.Patbox
Sidebar APIIt's a small, jij-able library for creation of server side sidebars (scoreboards) with full support of Minecraft's text components (which allow custom fonts/colors and unlimited line length).Patbox


Name and Link Description Maintainer
FallFlyingLibCompatibility library allowing multiple mods to implement their own Elytra alternativesAdrianTodt
LibBlockAttributesBlock and Item attributes, item management, and fluid managementAlexIIL
PlayerAbilityLibCompatibility library allowing multiple mods to interact with PlayerAbilitiesPyrofab
WrenchableCompatibility library allowing mods to make their wrenches compatible with other modsZundrel
Common Protection APIThis is simple api for mods to check if action is allowed in a region. Its main idea is to have one single common api for checking against multiple mods. For claim/protection mods, it adds simple handler system you can implement.Patbox


Name and Link Description Maintainer
CottonEnergyEnergy APICotton
EnergonRelics APIEnergy API For The Mod EnergonRelicsTheBrokenRail
EnergyThe standard Energy API created and used by Team RebornTeam Reborn, modmuss50
LibPowFlavoured energy API designed for flexibilityenderger

To answer a common question about the Energy API: If you are just looking for the API that is most commonly used because you want to support most other energy-using mods, you should use TechReborn Energy. However, this can lead to balancing problems because different mods take different approaches to how much power something costs. So if you care about balancing, or if you want to protect your energy system from other mods, or if you just don't care about working capacity between mods, take a look at the other options and choose the one that suits your needs.


Name and Link Description Maintainer
DrawerAutomatic NBT and PacketByteBuf serializer/deserializer (Kotlin only)Fudge
FibLibAPI for sending false data to clientsHaven King
LibNetworkStackObject-based networking, auto-net id assignment, buffered packetsAlexIIL


Name and Link Description Maintainer
GrossFabricHacksAdds hooks for very early initialization, mass class transformation and other hacksHalfOf2
Working SchedulerA working and comprehensive tick schedulerFudge
PolymerIt's a library for creating server side content, that work for player's without mods or (required) resource packs! You can create blocks, items and entities, that not only will work fully on server side (and singleplayer), but also are represented on server the same as normal (vanilla/modded) ones.Patbox
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