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Adding a Gamerule

Registering a Gamerule

To create a gamerule, register it using the GameRuleRegistry of the Fabric API:

  1. // Create and register a boolean game rule with the name "shouldPigsFly" which is true by default.
  2. public static final GameRules.Key<GameRules.BooleanRule> SHOULD_PIGS_FLY =
  3. GameRuleRegistry.register("shouldPigsFly", Category.MOBS, GameRuleFactory.createBooleanRule(true));

Using the gamerule

To get access to the value of a game rule you need to get the server world:

  1. world.getGameRules().getBoolean(SHOULD_PIGS_FLY)


The registered gamerule now shows up untranslated in the game rule list, which can be opened in the world creation screen. To translate the name, add a gamerule.gameruleName entry (see lang for more info):

  "gamerule.shouldPigsFly": "Pigs should fly"
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