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Fabric Modding Tutorials

These pages contain tutorials on most aspects of modding with Fabric Loader and in most cases Fabric API. A list of all topics can be found on the sidebar, ranging from blocks and items, to world generation and custom entities.

For additional help, feel free to join the Fabric Discord Server and ask questions in the channels in the mod development category. However, keep in mind that everyone that helps out in these channels is working on a voluntary basis, and there may not be someone available to help when you post your question. If you want to maximize the chance you get a good answer, How To Ask Questions The Smart Way is a good guide to read.


It's strongly recommended to learn Java before diving into the modding world (especially if you don't have prior programming experience). Minecraft, in its codebase, and mods, using Fabric API, use more advanced Java concepts like lambdas, generics and polymorphism. If you don't know all of these concepts, you may have some difficulties modding. Here are some online resources that will help learning Java.

Creating Your First Mod

If you have never created a mod using Fabric before, these pages are useful and guide you through the bare basics of modding with Fabric:

Community Libraries and Guides

The Fabric Wiki isn't the only place where you can learn aspects of modding, checkout these pages which contain useful external guides that can to apply to modding with Fabric, and modding in general:

YouTube Tutorials

If reading is not your thing, checkout these YouTube playlists:

Fabric is not liable for the content or opinions presented on these playlists. These playlists may contain out of date content.

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