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FIXME This page hasn't been updated in a while, and may not work in the future updates.

Using Crowdin to create live translations.

Crowdin is a very good platform for getting translations. Luckily for us, a user has created a open source library that you can use in your mod to get translations from Crowdin and apply them when the game launches.

Getting Started

First of all, create or login to your crowdin account and make or navigate to your project.

If you have a crowdin membership, great! If not, you can still use Crowdin for free (up to 15000 strings) or if your project is open source you can apply for an open source membership for free.

Note the following down:

  • Your crowdin project ID.
  • Your mod ID.

Set your primary language to the language your language file is in, if your primary language file is en_us.json, set it to English, United States

Now, once you have selected the target languages, you can upload your primary file.

Implementing the Library

Get started implementing it into your mod by adding the maven repository to the build.gradle file:

repositories {
    maven {
        url = ""

Now add the necessary modImplementation and include to your dependencies:

modImplementation "de.guntram.mcmod:crowdin-translate:1.2"
include "de.guntram.mcmod:crowdin-translate:1.2"

You can now add the following method to your ClientModInitializer, replacing projectname with your crowdin project name and modid with your mod's ID.

CrowdinTranslate.downloadTranslations("projectname", "modid");

Now, when launching the game, you can see that the translations will have downloaded from crowdin and been applied to your mod.


Q: Nothing is being downloaded/The library says the file does not exist!

A: Make sure to press “Build Project” on the crowdin project settings. You must build your project everytime you want to update player's ingame translations.

Q: The downloaded files are in the wrong format!/They appear as es_ES.json instead of lowercase format!

A: Make sure you set your primary file to be in lowercase format, as it won't work in lowerUpper format.

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