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Building a Mod Pt. 1 - Basics (DRAFT)

By falseresync, don’t change pls.

In this tutorial I’ll show you all of the basics of the modding through the creation of a real working mod! By the end of the tutorial you would be able to create items, blocks, give them textures and make them craftable.


To build a mod you need to have JDK and some IDE installed. This tutorial assumes that you are familiar with Java development at least at the level of understanding the code. This is not a Java tutorial!

Firstly, you need to download a modding kit from Github. Then unpack it wherever you want and import it to your IDE.

That’s it! You’re ready for modding! If you have troubles following this guide you can read more about installation here. If you’re still struggling don’t be afraid to ask for help on our Discord server!

Structure Overview

As you can see there’s a lot of files in the folder. You don’t need most of them. Right now you should care about these files:

  • Here you configure most essential meta.
  • build.gradle Here you can add dependencies.

As well as about these folders:

  • src/main/java Here’s your code stored.
  • src/main/resources Here’s the mod’s assets, meta, confines, etc are located. Right now there’s very few files:
    • fabric.mod.json All kinds of information about your mod are here. You can read more about that file here.
    • modid.mixin.json You’re not going to use it. Just ignore it.

Adding an Item

Adding a Block

Adding Recipes

Adding Loot Tables


Result Overview

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