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If you'd like to contribute to Fabric, you might be interested in these links:

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Wiki Meta

  • Wiki Meta - Starting point for contributing to the wiki
  • Wiki Agenda - See what is on the current agenda, and what other contributors are currently working on.

Applying changes without restarting Minecraft

Restarting Minecraft can take a hefty amount of time. Thankfully, there are tools that allow you to apply some changes while the game is running.

Reload changed classes

In Eclipse or Intellij IDEA, run Minecraft in debug mode. To apply changes in code, do Run → Reload Changed Classes in Intellij IDEA or save in Eclipse. Note: this only allows you to change method bodies. If you do any other kind of change, You will have to restart. However, if you use DCEVM, you will be able to do most changes, including adding and removing methods and classes.

Reload assets

After you make changes to assets such as textures and block/item models, you can reload changed classes and press F3 + T to apply changes without restarting Minecraft. More specifically, this is how to reload anything the mod provides as a resource pack.

Reload data

You can apply any changes made in the data/ directory such as recipes, loot tables and tags by reloading changed classes and then using the in-game command /reload. More specifically, this reloads anything the mod provides as a data pack.

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