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Welcome to the Fabric Wiki!

This resource is dedicated to Fabric. Fabric is a modular modding toolchain targeting Minecraft: Java Edition 1.14 and above, including snapshots.

Some pages on the wiki may be out-of-date or a work in progress.

This wiki is also available in the following languages:

Make sure to check out our community spaces and rules!

Player Tutorials

If you wish to use Fabric as a player, server administrator or modpack developer, you should view the Player Tutorials section of the wiki.

Modpack and Launcher Developers

:!: These pages may be slightly outdated, we are currently in process of rewriting them.

Please keep in mind that we recommend using Minecraft Launcher and MCUpdater for modpack play and distribution. However, that doesn't stop us from trying to support other solutions!

Mod Developer Tutorials


If you want to know how projects in the Fabric toolchain work, you should check out the Documentation section of the wiki.

Contributing to the Wiki

The Wiki is mostly maintained by the community, for the community. If you are interested in contributing to the wiki, check out the following pages first:

  • Wiki Meta - Starting point for contributing to the wiki
  • Wiki Agenda - See what is on the current agenda, and what other contributors are currently working on.
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