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I want to contribute to the Fabric Wiki, how do I get edit access?

Create an account on the wiki, go to the #wiki channel on the Fabric Discord, and ping the Wiki Admin role with your wiki username and state that you request wiki editing access.


@Wiki Admin Username: Yourself

Hint: Please keep in mind, that the procedure is manual. Pinging once is the right approach.

Contribution Guidelines

Note: Wiki content written before these guidelines were added may not follow them. If appropriate it should be edited to do so.

  1. When writing/updating a tutorial, put/update the Minecraft version in the topmost header (e.g. Adding Blocks (1.18.2))
  2. Use <yarn> & <yarncode> tags to automatically update yarn mappings, rather than having to manually update them
  3. The wiki is not a distribution system for useful mixins. If a mixin is useful enough to distribute, it's worth implementing it into a new or existing library mod. Distribution via wiki results in many variants across different mods, each with their own bugs and quirks. Packaging such a mixin as a library mod means bug fixes and improvements only need to be made once.

Creating a new page

Search for the page name you want to create, when not found click on the link on:

…you can create or edit the page :a_new_page, named after your query.

or, just type the URL in your browser, for example to create a page named a_new_page under tutorial

You also probably want to add the new page to the tutorial sidebar, this is done by editing this page.

The sidebar for player tutorials is located here:

Each wiki page traverses the namespace upwards looking for a page name sidebar, and uses the first one it finds as a left side sidebar.

You can also find other sidebars using the sitemap link located in the top right.


Converting from one markup format into another

Wiki Agenda

[ agenda ] See what is on the current agenda, and what other contributors are currently working on.

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