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Official Fabric Community Spaces

The accepted and preferred means of communication is our Discord server. Most Fabric-related discussions and announcements can be found there, and you're most likely to get help with modding-related questions and issues there, too.

As an alternative you can use GitHub Discussions, but beware that response times and community engagement will likely be lacking in comparison.

There also exists the #fabric IRC channel at EsperNet ( It's not actively used though and should be seen as a historical relic. You can access it using an IRC client (such as HexChat) or by using a web browser.


  • Before we start - if you found a loophole in the rules, the correct thing to do is to let us know. Angering the moderators by acting all smug about it is among the worst things you could do.
  • Follow the spirit of the rules, not just the letter. If something is unclear, let us know.
  • We would rather not see and do not welcome the following:
    • Language and/or content which can be reasonably considered discriminatory,
    • Content which is pornographic, distasteful and/or excessively violent,
    • Content which is illegal to distribute by applicable laws,
    • Conduct which impedes the activities of the Fabric project or its participants.
  • Mentions of MCP (Forge's Minecraft tree, etc.) names are strictly forbidden in all Fabric community spaces. If you want to call something by an MCP name, consider instead describing the function of the method, field or class.
  • Repeated violations of any rules can result in a ban.


  • Above all, respect and dignity. Don't act against others, but also don't act against yourself. In short: be respectful and composed.
  • If you're having any issues, ranging from technical to social, pertaining to the Fabric project or its organization, speak up! We will do our best to ensure that all voices are heard.


Note: “Voldemap” is our codeword for MCP, as they are the mappings which shall not be named.

  • If you know the “Voldemap” names for something, DO NOT CONTRIBUTE IN THAT AREA. Period. If you have a good working knowledge of the area, chances are you'll just name things the same anyway as it'll make the most sense to you due to habit. There are some exceptions in areas where things have become common modding lingo (I mean, we all call blocks “Blocks” and worlds “Worlds”) and obvious terms (there aren't many good ways to say “add(Object)”), but when in doubt - it's best not to map it. There's many people involved, someone will do it anyway.
  • If you're porting an area of the code from Forge or other mod loaders, DO NOT SIMPLY RE-USE THOSE NAMES IN YARN. After all, those names are Voldemap. In practice, you should ideally tell people either (a) what Yarn names you need mapped (say, “class_351”) or (b) what behaviour you need mapped in descriptive terms (say, “the method which controls providing the block collision box”).
  • DO NOT POST VOLDEMAP NAMES IN THE CHAT. All you achieve that way is make more people know those names, which means they now have trouble contributing them!
  • Anyone found ripping mappings from MCP at a scale where it is possible to prove may be permanently banned from contributing to the mappings. You have been warned. We can't take risks here.
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