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Wiki Agenda

Welcome to the agenda page for the Fabric Wiki. This is a dynamic list of the things that the wiki team has plans to do in the future and has currently prioritized. If you wish to contribute to the wiki and tackle some of the items on this list, come over to the Fabric Discord's #wiki channel to request write access. (Read the rules first!)

Wiki Goals

  • Better visibility for Fabric mods. Provide a way to discover mods (even if its as simple as a list).
    • In the future, we can look to create either a custom site or plugin for search functionality & other improvements.
    • Link to and/or create tutorials for some ubiquitous mods
  • Fabric third-party library/API reference. Create a place where modders can see and use what has already been created so that they do not reinvent the wheel a thousand times over.


Page updates

  • Update 1
  • Attempt Restructure



  • “Next/Previous tutorial” button


  • Topic 1
  • Topic 2
  • Topic 3
    • Page-goal 1
    • Page-goal 2


  • Mac and Linux tutorials
  • Additional help appreciated!

Site Functionality


  • Design templates for certain types of pages & page elements. Encourage standardized style and ease-of-access for information!


  • Persistent (but not intrusive) navigation sidebar



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