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Updating the Fabric loader for an existing Installation in the Minecraft Launcher

:!: Fabric Installer is for the Minecraft Launcher. If you are using another launcher, such as the CurseForge App, you need to use your launcher to change the Fabric Loader version of your instance.

Sometimes you may need to update the Fabric loader of an existing Installation because a mod requires a newer version of the Fabric loader. You may encounter an error similar to this one:

Video Tutorial

See the video tutorial by Kennas here or click the image below


STEP 1: Download and run the Fabric Installer

Go to and download the Universal JAR installer or the Windows exe installer.

Close the Minecraft Launcher! The launcher should not be running when you run the Fabric Installer.

Run the installer:

Select the Client tab. Select the Minecraft Version and the Loader Version. Usually there is no need to change the loader version, the latest one will work in any Minecraft version.

The Select Install Location should point to the Minecraft Launcher data folder.

Uncheck Create Profile, we do not want to create a new profile this time, just install an updated version of the Fabric loader.

Click Install

Close the “Succesfully installed” dialog box.

Close the Fabric Installer.

STEP 2 Change the "VERSION" of the existing Fabric Installation

Open the Minecraft launcher and follow these steps:

The existing Minecraft Installation has been updated to use the latest version of the Fabric loader.

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