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A minecraft mapping.

See readme for more information.

Yarn depends on enigma and stitch.


See yarn.

Contributing mappings


gradlew yarn

and the enigma user interface will appear. Edit the mappings; when you are ready, save it in enigma, commit in git (preferably in a custom branch), and submit a pull request.

If you have changes done manually/from github suggestions, merge the remote branch, close enigma, and run the command again so that enigma can have the updated mapping contents.

Using mappings in mods

See mappings.

Looking at Minecraft javadoc

Existing yarn builds approximately after 20w14a (1.16) have javadoc generated. They are accessible at[minecraft version]+build.[build number]

For example, the javadoc for yarn 21w05b+build.8 is available at


gradlew javadoc

to generate javadoc from yarn's mappings. They will be built in the


directory relative to the repository root, and you can open index.html to view the docs.

Building mapped jars for decompilers

Though enigma comes with procyon, you may want other decompilers to decompile the Minecraft jar with yarn names. Run

gradlew mapNamedJar

After running the gradle task, a <version>-named.jar will be available, which you can put into your desired decompiler.

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