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Tiny v1

:!: This write-up isn't finalized yet and may contain errors!

Tiny v1 consists of a list of flat (non-hierarchical) mapping entries. Every line in the content section corresponds to a new entry. Supported elements are classes, fields and methods; for parameters, variables, comments and a generally more space-efficient format, it's recommended to use its successor, Tiny v2.


v1	official	intermediary	named
CLASS	a	class_123	pkg/SomeClass
FIELD	a	[I	a	field_789	someField
FIELD	a	Lyj;	b	field_790	someField2
METHOD	a	(III)V	a	method_456	someMethod
METHOD	a	()F	b	method_479	someMethod2
CLASS	b	class_234	pkg/xy/AnotherClass
METHOD	b	(Ljava/lang/String;)I	a	method_567	anotherMethod


<file>                  ::= <header> | <header> <content>

<header>                ::= 'v1' <tab> <namespace-a> <tab> <namespace-b> <extra-namespaces> <eol> <properties>
<namespace-a>           ::= <namespace>
<namespace-b>           ::= <namespace>
<extra-namespaces>      ::= '' | <tab> <namespace> <extra-namespaces>
<namespace>             ::= <safe-string>

<properties>            ::= '' | '#' <space> <property> <eol> <properties>
<property>              ::= <property-key> | <property-key> <space> <property-value>
<property-key>          ::= <safe-string>
<property-value>        ::= <spaceless-safe-string>

<content>               ::= '' | <mapping-entry> <content> <properties>
<mapping-entry>         ::= <class-entry> | <field-entry> | <method-entry>

<class-entry>           ::= 'CLASS' <tab> <class-name-a> <tab> <class-name-b> <extra-ns-class-names>
<class-name-a>          ::= <class-name>
<class-name-b>          ::= <optional-class-name>
<optional-class-name>   ::= '' | <class-name>
<extra-ns-cls-names>    ::= '' | <tab> <optional-class-name> <extra-ns-class-names>
<class-name>            ::= <safe-string>

<field-entry>           ::= 'FIELD' <tab> <parent-class-name-a> <tab> <field-desc-a> <tab> <field-name-a> <tab> <field-name-b> <extra-ns-field-names>
<field-name-a>          ::= <field-name>
<field-name-b>          ::= <optional-field-name>
<optional-field-name>   ::= '' | <field-name>
<extra-ns-field-names>  ::= '' | <tab> <optional-field-name> <extra-ns-field-names>
<field-name>            ::= <safe-string>
<field-desc-a>          ::= <field-desc>
<field-desc>            ::= <safe-string>

<method-entry>          ::= 'METHOD' <tab> <parent-class-name-a> <tab> <method-desc-a> <tab> <method-name-a> <tab> <method-name-b> <extra-ns-method-names>
<method-name-a>         ::= <method-name>
<method-name-b>         ::= <optional-method-name>
<optional-method-name>  ::= '' | <method-name>
<extra-ns-method-names> ::= '' | <tab> <optional-method-name> <extra-ns-method-names>
<method-name>           ::= <safe-string>
<method-desc-a>         ::= <method-desc>
<method-desc>           ::= <safe-string>


  • <tab> is \t.
  • <space> is the space character (U+0020).
  • <eol> is \n or \r\n.
  • <safe-string> is a non-empty string that must not contain:
    • \,
    • \n,
    • \r,
    • \t or
    • \0.
  • <spaceless-safe-string> is the same as <safe-string>, but in addition mustn't contain <space> as well.
  • <properties> are either in the <header> or at the bottom of the file, not scattered across both locations.
  • <class-name> is the binary name of a class as specified in JVMS SE 8 §4.2.1. Nested class identifiers are typically separated with $ (e.g. some/package/class$nested$subnested). Outer names must not be omitted for any namespace.
  • <parent-class-name-a> is the <class-name> of the entry's parent (owning) class.
  • <field-name>/<method-name> is the unqualified name of a field/method specified in JVMS SE 8 §4.2.2.
  • <field-desc> is a field descriptor as specified in JVMS SE 8 §4.3.2.
  • <method-desc> is a method descriptor as specified in JVMS SE 8 §4.3.3.

Miscellaneous Notes

  • The encoding for the entire file is UTF-8.
  • Properties with unknown keys should be skipped without generating an error.
  • The amount of extra namespaces defined in the header and the amount of names in every extra-ns-*-names definition have to match. They are associated by their relative position, like the mandatory namespaces a and b that are associated by the suffix, e.g. namespace-a covers class-name-a, field-name-a, field-desc-a, method-name-a and method-desc-a.
  • Entries representing the same element should not be repeated, so there can be only one entry for a specific class, member or property.
  • Mappings without any (useful) names should be omitted.
  • Entries without any (useful) mappings should be omitted.
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