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3rd party library mods

This is a list of 3rd party library mods that provide various utilities.

If you have made a library, please add it to the list by editing the page if you have editing privileges (try to keep it alphabetical), or dropping the necessary information in the wiki channel of the Fabric Discord server otherwise.

Name and Link Description Maintainer
ARRPCreates resources and assets during runtimeHalfOf2
ArtificeGenerated data/asset files and virtual resource pack APIswordglowsblue
Artifice (1.15+)Generated data/asset files and virtual resource pack APIFudge
AutoConfigAnnotation Based configuration APIsargunv
AutoConfig ForkFork of AutoConfig for updated MC versionssargunv, shedaniel
Banner++Allows mods to add new banner patternskvverti
Cardinal Components APIDynamic data attachments for various game objects (Blocks, Entities, Worlds…)OnyxStudios, Pyrofab
Cardinal EnergyEnergy APIAbused Master
ClothConfigClient Sided Config Screen BuilderDanielshe
ConfabricateFabric wrapper of Sponge's Configurate with new utilitieszml2008
Cotton Client CommandsClient-side command APIJuuz
CottonEnergyEnergy APICotton
Custom Astral BodyAPI to control dimension sky, moon, and sun renderingVampire Studios
DrawerAutomatic NBT and PacketByteBuf serializer/deserializer (Kotlin only)Fudge
EnergyEnergy API created and used by Team RebornTeam Reborn, modmuss50
Fabric Shield LibLibrary to add new shields cleanly without mixinsCrimsonDawn45
FiberConfiguration systemDaemonic Labs
FibLibAPI for sending false data to clientsDaemonic Labs
JMXAdds increased functionality to making more advanced JSON Models with extra customizabilitygrondag
LibBlockAttributesBlock and Item attributes, item management, and fluid managementAlexIIL
LibGuiGraphical User Interface (GUI) toolkitCotton
LibMultiPartAdding multiple parts to a single (custom) blockAlexIIL
LibNetworkStackObject-based networking, auto-net id assignment, buffered packetsAlexIIL
LibStructureEasy registering of modded structuresEarthcomputer
MeshAll-round utility library, automatic registration, recipe generation, multiblocks (WIP) UpcraftLP
MarionetteAnimation API for creating and animating entity modelsRedstoneParadox
NBT CraftingExtends the JSON recipe system to work with NBT dataSiphalor
Oak TreeGraphical User Interface (GUI) toolkitRedstoneParadox
Paradox ConfigKotlin Based configuration APIRedstoneParadox
PehkuiManipulates the size of entitiesVirtuoel
PiglinTagAn easy way to add armor items to the aggressive piglin brainGlobox_Z
PlayerAbilityLibCompatibility library allowing multiple mods to interact with PlayerAbilitiesPyrofab
Reach Entity AttributesEntity attributes to modify reach distance and attack rangeJamiesWhiteShirt
SatinSimple wrapper for Post Process ShadersPyrofab
SpinneryGraphical User Interface (GUI) toolkitvini2003
StatementExtra configurability in manipulating blockstates of already existing blocksVirtuoel
TesseractWorld API with optimization and extra controlVatuu Komalia
ToweletteAPI to easily allow mods to make their blocks waterloggableVirtuoel
TrinketsData driven accessory apiEmi
TweedConfiguration API allowing automation and synchronizationSiphalor
Wandering TradesmenAllows you to make your own custom tradesman using LibCD scripts!Lingardium
Working SchedulerA working and comprehensive tick schedulerFudge
WrenchableCompatibility library allowing mods to make their wrenches compatible with other modsZundrel
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