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자주 물어본 질문들 (유저들의 질문)

이 QNA는 단순화된 버전 입니다! 좀 더 전문적인 답변을 원한다면, "전문가 모드" FAQ를 참조하세요.


Fabric은 어떤 마인크래프트 버전을 지원하나요?

가장 일반적인 답변은 “스넵숏 18w43b 이상, 또는 릴리즈 1.14 이상을 지원합니다” 입니다.

하지만 Fabric을 이외 마인크래프트 버전에 모드나 바닐라로 통해 실행시킬 방법은 있긴 한데, 정식적으로 지원이 되지 않습니다. 고급 FAQ를 참조하세요.

미리 제작된 Fabric 모드팩이 있나요?

몇개의 모드팩은 MultiMC로 통해 배포되고 있습니다. 예를 들어 Fabric의 모든것 같은 모드팩. 다른 Fabric 모드팩은 CurseForge에서 확인하실 수 있습니다. Launchpacks는 개념 증명이므로 아직 게임플레이를 위해 준비가 되지 않았으므로, 사용하지 않는 것을 권장합니다.

모드 (모드팩 안에 있는 모드)를 플레이 하려면 어떤 런쳐를 써야 하나요?

As of November 2021, the following launchers are available for this:

  • Official Launcher - an installer is available on Fabric's download page.
  • Xbox Game Pass Launcher - the Fabric installer supports this launcher with 0.9.0 and above, but the launcher itself may not behave correctly.
  • MultiMC - a guide is available here for windows, and here for macOS; there is an “Install Fabric” button to easily install Fabric loader.
  • CurseForge - supports Fabric, just choose “Fabric” then select a version when creating a modpack.
  • GDLauncher - supports Fabric, just choose “Fabric” then select a version when creating an instance.
  • ATLauncher - downloads are available on Fabric's download page.
  • HMCL - supports Fabric download and installation, including sources from mirror websites.

Please keep in mind that Fabric API is a separate component and must be downloaded separately - you can find it here.

We recommend MultiMC due to its superior user experience for modded environments.

What launchers can I use to share a Fabric modpack?

As of 30th June 2019, the following launchers are available for this:

  • MCUpdater - guide
  • Technic (Solder) - guide
  • ATLauncher - guide
  • MultiMC/Vanilla - you can always export a modpack or use a ZIP file!
  • GDLauncher - Right click on an instance and click “Export Instance”.


Can Fabric run together with Bukkit/Spigot/Paper?

Not at the moment. This may change by the end of the year, but is unlikely to be officially supported.

Can Fabric run together with Forge?

  • Fabric does not currently work on top of Forge on modern Minecraft versions.
  • It is theoretically possible to create a way to do so - that is to say, there are no known major technical obstacles in accomplishing such.
  • There were some experiments and discussions done in this regard (as of 30th June), but nothing usable by end users or mod developers.

The development team does not consider Forge interoperability a high-priority goal, as our focus in our limited time dedicated to the project is on supporting the Fabric community and its developers and users.

Can Fabric run together with OptiFine?

Consider using an OptiFine alternative, as unofficial mods such as OptiFabric may not be compatible with your mods.

OptiFine alternatives on Fabric

The future of Optifabric and recommended alternatives

Oh no! I've tried enabling shaders on OptiFine and my world looks all weird!

Fabric's rendering patches, while as minimally invasive as possible, make some assumptions about the data format used internally by the vanilla rendering system. Shaders break this assumption, so things go awry. Workarounds do exist and are implemented by the most recent versions of said unofficial mods.

DO NOT downgrade Fabric API as a workaround for this. It's a bad idea.

Can Fabric run together with Sponge?

Not at the moment. Sponge does not yet have a ready API or a working implementation for 1.14, the Minecraft version that Fabric runs on.

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