Fabric is now out for Minecraft 1.14.4! You can download it by clicking the relevant option in the top menu.

Unfortunately, I’m not in a position to write a long update, but here are some highlights of the work done so far:

  • The latest version of MultiMC officially supports Fabric! Just press “Install Fabric” in a new workspace (keep in mind that API is separate and has to be installed separately, though).
  • The biomes API has been merged, after lots of discussion and tweaking. I expect mods using it to come out very soon!
  • Our rendering subsystem, Indigo, has received a lot of bugfixes - among others, finally allowing Fabric to interoperate properly with ShadersMod-related patches in OptiFine.
  • On the development side, Yarn now uses Intermediary for its development mappings format - this prevents pull requests from becoming “outdated” with a new release, and should allow greater flexibility in the future.