Fabric Loader

Fabric is a modular, lightweight mod loader for Minecraft



The Fabric Loader download above is the bare minimum. Combine it with Fabric API to get all the important extra APIs mods use. It has to be put into the mods folder like any other mod.

Download Fabric API

Core Toolchain Projects

  • Fabric Loader A flexible platform-independent mod loader designed for Minecraft and other games and applications.
  • Yarn Yarn is a set of open Minecraft mappings, free for everyone to use under the Creative Commons Zero license.
  • Fabric Loom A Gradle plugin enabling developers to easily develop and debug mods.
  • Fabric Language Kotlin This is a mod that enables usage of the Kotlin programming language for Fabric mods.
  • Intermediary Intermediary contains match information between different versions of Minecraft, enabling cross version mods.
  • Tiny Remapper A tiny, efficient tool for remapping JAR files.
  • Mapping IO A library for reading, manipulating and writing mapping files, with support a wide range fo formats.

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