As with every new Minecraft version, we get a port of Fabric to it. This time - 1.14.3! And, as always, with such an update comes a brief overview of recent Fabric ongoings.


There’s a lot of new mods worth checking out for users, but we’ll highlight just a few:

  • Pictocraft, a tool allowing children with disabilities to communicate in Minecraft with pictograms instead of words. It is a wonderful project and we’d love to see more unique concepts like this developed in the modding scene;
  • Something a bit more mundane, JMX! It extends the vanilla JSON model format with a lot of functionality, such as per-quad render layer/brightness control, retexturing models without spamming data files, and even material-specific shaders!
  • b0undarybreaker made Templates, a carpentry-esque mod adding (for now, only) slopes! More is planned, so keep an eye out on that one.


Most of the toolchain work this time around focused in two areas.


As we have formalized the review process for API pull requests, new features have started to be pulled in. Recently, we’ve finally merged a loot table injection and manipulation API. In addition, many bugs in registry synchronization logic have been squashed, as well as in our rendering patch, “Indigo”.

Mapping Tools

Enigma has received a major refactor allowing a JSON-profile-controlled plugin system to be introduced. This will help make it more versatile for other games and environments! We have also started publishing Intermediary mappings standalone, so launchers no longer have to worry about the Yarn build number. In addition, sfPlayer1’s Matcher has received some improvements.

… and, as always, thanks to all of you who support the Fabric project. We’re not going anywhere, and we hope to provide even more fun and useful content and features as we continue! Please stay tuned!