Loader 0.4.8 is now out! The fixes are pretty important in this one:

  • Changed many errors and exceptions across Loader to provide more information.
  • Fixed the famous “API 0.3.0 stutter bug”, which occured upon loading classes contained in nested JARs.
  • Developers: Fixed crashes pertaining to the use of -Dmixin.debug and similar functionality.
  • Developers: Updated Mixin library to .36
    • Fixed annotation processor rejecting interface methods (as added with Loader 0.4.5)
    • Fixed INVOKEDYNAMICs not being remapped in development environments
    • Fixed LVT error messages (Chocohead)

In addition, Loom 0.2.3 has been in circulation for some time. The key change is that the “jar” tasks now outputs a -dev JAR on its own, whereas “remapJar” turns it into a properly mapped JAR - this helps a lot with buildscript handling and subprojects. (Also, more bugfixes!)

The slow process of merging PRs into API 0.3.0 is also ongoing - more on that on the 1.14.2 update post…