Fabric is out for Minecraft 1.14.1, giving us access to the many performance improvements and bugfixes brought in that version!

With it, I’d like to bring you a brief update of what has changed in the Fabric ecosystem since the last version update.



There are, as of writing, more than 140 mods available on CurseForge for 1.14, and more than 220 available for 1.14 snapshots.

It is important to keep in mind that, due to CurseForge’s delay in adding 1.14 as a selectable category, there were - and potentially still are - unfortunately some mods which were targetting stable 1.14, but were marked as available only for 1.14-Snapshot. We have tried to reach out to developers and ensure this is corrected, and we apologize for any related confusion.

As for 1.14.1 version changes, unfortunately some important breaking changes have been made to block entity registration - we have decided to allow mods to update to them on their own, but this shouldn’t take long.


With 1.14, we released a proof-of-concept modpack called the “LaunchPack”, which showcased some highlights of mods being developed under Fabric. Nowadays, multiple modpacks are available which are based on Fabric, such as Fabric Ultimate and All of Fabric. Unfortunately, they are primarily distributed through our Discord chatrooms and cloud-based downloads.

However! This should begin to change soon - Fabric modpacks can now be distributed not just via MultiMC instances and MCUpdater packs, but also Technic Solder and ATLauncher. This should make it much easier to share, play and enjoy Fabric-based modpacks!

There are also a few Fabric-based servers running in production, proving its viability for multiplayer gameplay.


There were many key fixes done since the 23rd of April of importance to end users, including:

  • Realms now works correctly,
  • connecting to Spigot/BungeeCord-based servers works correctly (in API 0.3.0+),
  • setting up dedicated servers is now much easier than ever before.

Most of these were edge cases we didn’t catch during the snapshot cycle - sorry!


Fabric API

We are aware that the API has been stagnating for a while. However, we have finally finished our big modularization plan with API 0.3.0-pre, and are proceeding to add new features once more.

Fabric Loader

We fixed the Heisenbug! The one which caused weird, unexplainable crashes that seemed to “go away” randomly for some people, that is. (It took us far too long and I’m sorry.)

We have also added some features to Mixin centered around better support for interface method injection.

Fabric Loom

Loom is now updated to 0.2.3. It provides additional bugfixes in the area of multi-project handling, as well as support for offline builds and - importantly:

A feature to automatically migrate Java source code to a new mapping version!

We have also documented how to use CurseGradle with Fabric Loom, for those of you looking into such a feature.