Loader 0.4.5 is now out, with a bunch of changes! As we haven’t made a post for 0.4.3 or 0.4.4, here’s a changelog for all:

  • Loader 0.4.3
    • (Really) fixed Realms support!
    • Improved Mixin’s Java version handling - “early access” versions, such as “13-ea” (Java 13), are now detected correctly.
    • Trying to launch a Minecraft instance with ModLoader will now automatically trigger use of the “compatibility” class loader it requires.
  • Loader 0.4.4
    • New server launching method (requires Installer 0.4.0+), with nowhere near as much complexity as the one introduced in 0.4.0
    • Fixed minor, hypothetical Mixin bug
  • Loader 0.4.5
    • Added support for injecting into static and default interface methods with Mixin
    • Fixed Mixin failures on certain non-English locales
    • Fixed Mixin not being allowed to inject anonymous classes
    • Fixed version comparisons not being parsed according to specification
    • Fixed regressions introduced in 0.4.4

For developers, there’s Loom 0.2.2, which is another small step in de-kludgifying our build system. Changes include:

  • “modCompile” is now transitive. As of the latest builds of 0.2.1, the POM generated by maven-publish is correct as to the required dependencies - the deprecated maven plugin should not be used.
  • Backported the following Loom 0.3 features:
    • Improved “genSources” handling (minor performance boost, progress logging, etc.),
    • Improved mod resolution.

I’ve seen a lot of awesome work in the Fabric ecosystem in the past week. It’s awesome! Thank you so much!