More toolchain updates!

First off, Loader 0.4.2:

  • When loading mods, all exceptions in a given entrypoint stage are now logged and printed at the end of it, in order to catch more failing mods in one go,
  • (Really) minor game loading time optimizations,
  • Fixed Realms plugin injection,
  • General code cleanup and trimming down ugly hacks.

Second, something that has been around for some time but without much fanfare - Loom 0.2.1. As the build environment tends to be much more of a rolling release, here are some highlights:

  • Subprojects support! It is still being fixed around the edges, but generally - it means that you can define mod subprojects in Gradle,
  • Major performance boosts in general use, with a significant part of the work coming from Chocohead,
  • Fixed support for using file(…) in modCompiles, once again thanks to Chocohead.

I know we promised Loom 0.3, but it appears the much hackier 0.2.x branch is with us to stay for a while longer. As Loom is in eternal development, there are features which we’re still working on, most notably proper support for either nested JARs or transitive dependencies - this is going to be necessary for Fabric API 0.3.0+. As always, thank you for sticking with Fabric - and see you soon!