EDIT (21-04-2019): It was posted on April 1st, but not a single one of the screenshots is fake.

I know we have been silent for very long, but we have exciting news to announce!

The work on Loader 0.4.0 has been progressing, and we are proud to announce that Fabric and Minecraft Forge, the two leading modding APIs for Minecraft 1.13+, now run together (on 1.2.5)!

We are not ready to release a build yet, but here is a screenshot as proof:

Ta-da! I hope you will all enjoy Fabric Loader running together with Forge!

We have also heard your complaints about our insistence on 1.14 snapshots. We are aware that it hurts stable mod development. As such, we have decided to prepare for any and all backport requests that might come, ever:

No matter which version you want a backport to or how old it is - we’ve got your back.

We even have support for the recently unearthed Minecraft 3D Shareware v1.34:

Now that is what I call support!

… Actually.

Who even needs Minecraft? Here’s Fabric running on other popular Java-based games: