The Fabric command line tools (CLI) can be used by mod developers to generate new mods directly from your terminal. If you happen to find an issue please make sure to report it on our GitHub page.


The Fabric CLI tools require the deno runtime to be installed on your system. Deno is a cross platform JavaScript runtime that allows us to use one code base between the web and desktop. After following the deno installation instructions, run the following command to globally install the fabric CLI tools:

deno install -A -n fabric

To update the Fabric command line tools run:

fabric upgrade

If you wish to remove the Fabric CLI tools run:

deno uninstall fabric


The Fabric CLI tools currently offer one main sub-command, init.

The init sub-command can be used to generate a customised template mod. To generate a new mod in the current directory, the following command can be used:

fabric init

You can optionally pass a directory path, if the directory does not exist it will be created.

fabric init MyCoolMod

If you wish to accept all of the default values you can pass the -y argument. The directory name is then used to infulence the mod name.

fabric init MyCoolMod -y

Run without installing

If you do not wish to install the Fabric CLI tools to your system, you can use deno to run it directly like so:

deno run init

Deno is secure by default, so will ask for permission before making any changes to your system.