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Known issues ("growing pains")

There are some issues, particularly in the Gradle plugin, which we have identified but not yet managed to fully fix.

Gradle Plugin

Please note that most of them appear primarily on Windows machines.

  • AccessDeniedException with JAR files in Gradle: This most commonly happens because IntelliJ IDEA's Gradle daemon holds on to a file handle in a place we haven't yet identified. The workaround is to quit IDEA, re-generate the IDEA project as outlined in the setup instructions, then re-open the resulting project and only perform Gradle activities through the command line.
  • NoClassDefFoundError caused by NullPointerException in org.objectweb.asm.ClassReader while loading game in dev environment: Run gradlew cleanLoomBinaries followed by gradlew idea to regenerate the JAR file. Again, the JAR file gets flushed prematurely.
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