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第三方库 mods


如果您已经创建了一个库,那么如果您具有编辑权限(请尝试按字母顺序排列),或者通过将必要的信息放在Wiki中,请通过编辑页面将其添加到列表中。 或者 Fabric Discord服务器的频道。

ArtificeGenerated data/asset files and virtual resource pack APIswordglowsblue
AutoConfigAnnotation Based configuration APIsargunv
Cardinal Components APIDynamic data attachments for various game objects (Blocks, Entities, Worlds…)NerdHubMC
Cardinal EnergyEnergy APIAbused Master
ClothConfigClient Sided Config Screen BuilderDanielshe
Cotton Client CommandsClient-side command APIJuuz
CottonEnergyEnergy APICotton
DrawerAutomatic NBT and PacketByteBuf serializer/deserializer (Kotlin only)Fudge
FiberConfiguration systemDaemonic Labs
LibBlockAttributesBlock and Item attributes, item management, and fluid managementAlexIIL
LibMultiPartAdding multiple parts to a single (custom) blockAlexIIL
LibNetworkStackObject-based networking, auto-net id assignment, buffered packetsAlexIIL
LibGuiGraphical User Interface (GUI) toolkitCotton
MeshAll-round utility library, automatic registration, recipe generation, multiblocks (WIP) UpcraftLP
NBT CraftingExtends the JSON recipe system to work with NBT dataSiphalor
Reach Entity AttributesEntity attributes to modify reach distance and attack rangeJamiesWhiteShirt
SatinSimple wrapper for Post Process ShadersPyrofab
TweedConfiguration API allowing automation and synchronizationSiphalor
TrinketsData driven accessory apiEmi
Working SchedulerA working and comprehensive tick schedulerFudge
TesseractWorld API with optimization and extra controlVatuu Komalia
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