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 ====== Wiki Meta ====== ====== Wiki Meta ======
 +==== I want to contribute to the Fabric Wiki, how do I get edit access? ====
 +Create an account on the wiki, go to the #wiki channel on the Fabric Discord, and ping Modmuss with your wiki username and state that you request wiki editing access.
 ==== Creating a new page ==== ==== Creating a new page ====
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 https://​​ https://​​
 +==== Wiki Agenda ====
 +[ [[wiki:​agenda]] ]
 +See what is on the current agenda, and what other contributors are currently working on.
 ---- ----
 ==== Links ==== ==== Links ====
 [[https://​​blog/​documentation/​|What nobody tells you about documentation]] [[https://​​blog/​documentation/​|What nobody tells you about documentation]]
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