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yanis48 MyStructureStart constructor
Line 28: Line 28:
 <code java [enable_line_numbers="​true"​]>​ <code java [enable_line_numbers="​true"​]>​
 public static class MyStructureStart extends StructureStart { public static class MyStructureStart extends StructureStart {
-    public MyStructureStart (StructureFeature<?> ​structureFeature_1, int int_1, int int_2Biome biome_1, MutableIntBoundingBox mutableIntBoundingBox_1, int int_3, long long_1) { +    public MyStructureStart (StructureFeature<?> ​feature, int chunkX, int chunkZBlockBox box, int references, long seed) { 
-        super(structureFeature_1,​ int_1int_2biome_1mutableIntBoundingBox_1int_3long_1);+        super(featurechunkXchunkZboxreferencesseed);
     }     }
     @Override     @Override
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