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Items are the pieces of content that appear in your inventory. They can perform actions when you click, act as food, or spawn entities. The following documentation will give you a rundown of the entire Item class and everything related to it.

Item Settings

The Item constructor requires an Item.Settings instance. This builder class defines behavior such as stack size, durability, and whether the item is edible. A full table of available builder methods is shown below:

Method Args Description
food FoodComponent Changes the Item to be edible based on the given FoodComponent.
maxCount int Sets the Item's max stack count. Can't be used in combination with damage.
maxDamageIfAbsent int Sets the Item's maximum damage count if it hasn't already been set.
maxDamage int Sets the Item's max stack durability.
recipeRemainder Item Sets the Item's recipe remainder, which is given back to the player after the Item is used in a recipe.
rarity Rarity Sets the rarity of the Item, which changes its name color.
fireproof None Marks the item as being fireproof. Prevents the item from being destroyed by lava and fire.

Fabric Item Settings

The Fabric Item API provides extra methods to set even more attributes. To use it, just replace new Item.Settings() with new FabricItemSettings(). Heres the list of additional functionalities FabricItemSettings provides:

Method Args Description
equipmentSlot EquipmentSlotProvider Sets the equipment slot provider of the item.
customDamage CustomDamageHandler Sets the custom damage handler of the item.


public Item.Settings food(FoodComponent foodComponent)

foodComponent - instance of FoodComponent. When set, the Item will be edible based on the settings provided by the FoodComponent builder. For an in-depth explanation of the available options, view the FoodComponent Overview page.

Max Stack Count

public Item.Settings maxCount(int maxCount)

maxCount - the maximum count of an ItemStack for the given Item. If maxDamage() has already been called, a RuntimeException is thrown, as an Item cannot have both damage and count. Keeping the max count at or below 64 is recommended, as any value above that can lead to various issues.

Max Damage if Absent

public Item.Settings maxDamageIfAbsent(int maxDamage)

maxDamage - max durability of the given Item when in ItemStack form.

If maxDamage() has not been called yet, the max durability of the Item is set to the value passed in. This is used for cases such as tools and armor, where the Item's durability is only set to the ToolMaterial's durability if it has not been set yet.

Max Damage

public Item.Settings maxDamage(int maxDamage)

maxDamage - max durability of the given Item when in ItemStack form.

Recipe Remainder

public Item.Settings recipeRemainder(Item recipeRemainder)

recipeRemainder - Item to return as a remainder when the base Item is used in a crafting recipe.

When a recipe remainder is set on an Item, any recipe using that Item will return the remainder on craft. This is used for buckets (Water, Lava, Milk) and bottles (Dragon Breath, Honey) returning their respective empty items when used in recipes.


public Item.Settings rarity(Rarity rarity)

rarity - Rarity of the given Item.

If Rarity is set, the given Item will have a custom name color. An Item's Rarity defaults to common.

Rarity Color
Common White
Uncommon Yellow
Rare Aqua
Epic Light Purple


public Item.Settings fireproof()

Marks the item as being fireproof, and protects the item entity that contains the item from fire and lava.

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