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upcraftlp [Registering an Entity] make the entity builder size() call use entity dimensions
Line 31: Line 31:
         Registry.ENTITY_TYPE,​         Registry.ENTITY_TYPE,​
         new Identifier("​wiki-entity",​ "​cookie-creeper"​),​         new Identifier("​wiki-entity",​ "​cookie-creeper"​),​
-        FabricEntityTypeBuilder.create(EntityCategory.AMBIENT,​ CookieCreeperEntity::​new).size(1,​ 2).build()+        FabricEntityTypeBuilder.create(EntityCategory.AMBIENT,​ CookieCreeperEntity::​new).size(EntityDimensions.fixed(1, 2)).build()
     );     );
 </​code>​ </​code>​
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