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Line 6: Line 6:
 <code java [enable_line_numbers="​true"​]>​ <code java [enable_line_numbers="​true"​]>​
-public class BiggerChestBlock extends ​Block implements BlockEntityProvider ​{+public class BiggerChestBlock extends ​BlockWithEntity ​{
     public BiggerChestBlock(Settings settings) {     public BiggerChestBlock(Settings settings) {
         super(settings);​         super(settings);​
 +    }
 +    ​
 +    // A side effect of extending BlockWithEntity is it changes the render type to INVISIBLE, so we have to revert this
 +    @Override
 +    public BlockRenderType getRenderType(BlockState state) {
 +        return BlockRenderType.MODEL;​
     }     }
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