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 +====== Yarn ======
 +See [[https://​​FabricMC/​yarn/#​yarn|readme]] for more information.
 +Yarn depends on [[enigma]] and [[stitch]].
 +===== Usage =====
 +See [[documentation:​yarn]].
 +==== Contributing mappings ====
 +<​code>​gradlew yarn</​code>​
 +and the enigma user interface will appear. Edit the mappings; when you are ready, save it in enigma, commit in git (preferably in a custom branch), and submit a pull request.
 +If you have changes done manually/​from github suggestions,​ merge the remote branch, close enigma, and run the command again so that enigma can have the updated mapping contents.
 +==== Using mappings in mods ====
 +See [[tutorial:​mappings]].
 +==== Building mapped jars for decompilers ====
 +Though enigma comes with procyon, you may want other decompilers to decompile the Minecraft jar with yarn names. Run
 +<​code>​gradlew mapNamedJar</​code>​
 +After running the gradle task, a <​version>​-named.jar will be available, which you can put into your desired decompiler.
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