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 +====== Enigma ======
 +[[https://​​FabricMC/​Enigma|Enigma]] is a GUI tool to deobfuscate Java Applications. It is backed by the [[procyon]] decompiler.
 +Enigma is originally authored by cuchaz; FabricMC has maintained a fork of it since 2016, and has since been using it for [[yarn]] development.
 +===== Usage =====
 +See [[documentation:​enigma]] documentation.
 +==== Graphical User Interface ====
 +Open enigma jar by double clicking it. In the file menu, select "open jar" to choose the jar to map; then select "open mappings"​ to select the mappings to continue working on (or just start mapping if you are starting fresh).
 +When you want to save your work, you can go to save option in the file menu and save your mappings.
 +=== Advanced ===
 +Certain features of enigma, such as custom services, profiles, etc. are only available through command line. Hence, [[yarn]]'​s enigma can only be launched properly from the gradle task because of its usage of advanced features.
 +==== Command Line Interface ====
 +A few commands are available in the main class
 +They are usually used for building [[yarn]] or working with [[stitch]] and has since replaced the functionality of [[weave]].
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