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Established Serverside Mods

A list of server-side mods for Minecraft on Fabric Loader

Server-side mods are mods that run exclusively on the server, without the need for a mod on the client. Meaning Fabric servers running such mods can support Fabric, vanilla, or even Forge clients.


Name and Link Description Maintainer
WorldEditA Minecraft Map Editor… that runs in-game!EngineHub
Armor Stand EditorSimple server side armor stand editor for FabricPatbox
HologramsSimple mod that allows to create of server side hologramsPatbox


Name and Link Description Maintainer
Mo' StructuresMo' Structures is Fabric's best structure mod, carefully designed to enrich your world with many fun adventures to be had!Frqnny
Repurposed StructuresRepurposed Structures is a mod about taking existing vanilla features and structures and creating new variants or modifications to them!TelepathicGrunt


Name and Link Description Maintainer
LithiumLithium is a general-purpose optimization mod for Minecraft which works to improve a number of systems (game physics, mob AI, block ticking, etc) without changing any behavior.CaffeineMC
StarlightFabric mod for rewriting the light engine to fix lighting performance and lighting errors.PaperMC, Spottedstar
PhosphorPhosphor is a Minecraft mod which works to optimize one of game's most inefficient areas– the lighting engine.CaffeineMC

Server Management and Monitoring

Name and Link Description Maintainer
CarpetCarpet is a mod that allows to take full control over your vanilla game.gnembon
TabTPSMinecraft server mod/plugin to show TPS, MSPT, and other information in the tab menu, boss bar, and action bar.jpenilla
Styled Player ListThis mod allows server owners to change how the player list looks!Patbox


Name and Link Description Maintainer
Immersive CursednessHave you ever used Immersive Portals and thought this isn't cursed enough? Then this mod is for you!TheEpicBlock


Name and Link Description Maintainer
Egg of CapitalismMakes a new Dragon Egg each time a player slays the Ender Dragon for the first time.Kir-Antipov
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