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Fabric Modpack Endpoints

Downloading Templates

In general, all of the Fabric download URLs accept the following GET parameters:

  • yarn - Yarn version,
  • loader - Fabric Loader version,
  • format - Download format (different options per endpoint!).



The result is a .XML file attachable via an <Import> entry to an MCUpdater ServerPack XML. No custom formats are available.



The default result is a .ZIP file containing an importable MultiMC instance. Alternate formats:

  • patchJson - returns a .JSON representing a MultiMC patch for Fabric.



The default result is a .ZIP containing a Fabric game profile, which can be extracted to .minecraft/versions. Alternate formats:

  • profileJson - returns a .JSON representing a vanilla Fabric profile,
  • shimJar - returns a .JAR containing a single file, “version.json”, with the vanilla Fabric profile. This is intended for future SKCraft/Solder support.

Version Querying


The Maven metadata XML files can be used to query the latest and available versions of Fabric components.

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