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 With regards to running ModLoader: No known problems. With regards to running ModLoader: No known problems.
 +===== Philosophy =====
 +==== Why did you create your own mappings instead of utilizing MCP or Spigot'​s existing mappings? ====
 +With regards to the Mod Coder Pack, MCP:
 +  * MCP's mappings are not always updated to every non-"​release"​ Minecraft version.
 +  * MCP's mappings have an updating process we consider insufficiently open to code review, in our opinion, utilizing [[http://​​|IRC bot submissions]] over a merge request system. (However, this is largely a matter of preference.)
 +With regards to Spigot:
 +  * Spigot'​s mappings only cover the server side and are very incomplete,
 +  * Spigot'​s mappings suffer from similar licensing issues as MCP.
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