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Fabric Community Discord Servers

This wiki page contains a list of community ran discord servers. These discord servers are not associated with Fabric.

You can join the official discord server using this invite link.


(When adding an entry, please keep them sorted alphabetically.)

Name Description Invite
Cursed Legacy Fabric for Beta 1.7.3 and Release 1.2.5. Also lots of off topic, if that's what you prefer.
Fa̶̓͋b͐͂͒r̋̇̏ǐ̸͍c̿̐̔ ̧͑ͥPͫ̀̈ṙͭ́o͉ͩ͟ǰ̴̊e̿ͫ̉c̛̥̈́t̷̋̌ A parody of the fabric discord run by some of the sillier members of the community.
Fabric Server-Side Development This is a place for talking all about server-side development and mods for Fabric.
Fabric Translator's Guild A server where people who wish to help translate fabric mods to other languages can come to provide their expertise or assist others in reviewing translations for mods.
Legacy Fabric Fabric for versions 1.8.9, 1.12.2, 1.7.10 and other old versions.
Minecraft Worldgen Discussion around making new worldgen mods/datapacks, as well as understanding and reverse engineering Minecraft's world gen code.
Modfest The place for the fabric community's modding competitions!
Modrinth Modrinth is an open source mod hosting and distribution platform designed for and by mod authors. Modrinth is designed to have an open API, which is used by Modrinth's own website, allowing third party tools to access to all of the same information that you can through the website.
Simply Fabric A place to discuss the Fabric mod loader, with lots of channels to suit your needs!
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