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Fabric Community Modpack Discord Servers

This wiki page contains a list of community ran discord servers related to a modpack or a group of modpacks. These discord servers are not associated with Fabric.

You can join the official discord server using this invite link.


(When adding an entry, please keep them sorted alphabetically.)

Name Description Invite
All Of Fabric AOF has existed in one form or another since April 2019 — with the initial goal of providing a way for players to try out the latest and greatest Fabric mods, with the minimum of effort. Since then the project has grown significantly and now includes many Fabric-oriented modpacks, plus a laid-back community for players to get together and have fun playing modded Minecraft.
Mounderfod's Dungeons (Stratosphere) The home of the upcoming Stratosphere modpack, what is planned to be the first Fabric skyblock pack!
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