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 +====== Known issues ("​growing pains"​) ======
 +There are some issues, particularly in the Gradle plugin, which we have identified but not yet managed to fully fix.
 +===== Gradle Plugin =====
 +Please note that most of them appear primarily on Windows machines.
 +  * **AccessDeniedException** with JAR files in Gradle: This most commonly happens because IntelliJ IDEA's Gradle daemon holds on to a file handle in a place we haven'​t yet identified. The workaround is to quit IDEA, re-generate the IDEA project as outlined in the setup instructions,​ then re-open the resulting project and only perform Gradle activities through the command line.
 +  * **NoClassDefFoundError caused by NullPointerException in org.objectweb.asm.ClassReader** while loading game in dev environment:​ Run ''​gradlew cleanLoomBinaries''​ followed by ''​gradlew idea''​ to regenerate the JAR file. Again, the JAR file gets flushed prematurely.
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